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We know how complex is the environment in which business is run. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our customers focus only on their businesses, leaving all compliance matters in the hands of our professionals.

HLB M2 not a traditional accounting office, nor an outsourcing company. At the center of our interest are not data processing but always a client who expects more than standard support in the field of reporting, accounting and payroll. Being responsible for the compliance issues, we also support clients as a trusted advisor in all matters related to the company's finances.

We are distinguished by the quality and personal approach to customers. The team of a statutory auditor and a tax advisor is dedicated to each project. These people have extensive knowledge and business experience, which not only allows for comprehensive support in accounting and tax law but also guarantees the safety and access to the best market practices.

Our commitment can vary in scope, depending on clients' needs. We are ready to take overall responsibility for financial reporting, or support clients only in selected areas:

  • Bookkeeping in compliance with Polish GAAP / IFRS
  • The full scope of tax & accounting compliance services: VAT compliance, CIT advance payments calculations, Standard Audit File generating and filing, compilations of yearly statutory financial statements and yearly CIT declarations
  • Reporting in compliance with group requirements
  • Reporting to Polish authorities (tax office, statistics office, Intrastat, Polish National Bank)
  • Implementation/adjustment of applied accounting principles to Polish law requirement
  • Payroll processing
  • HR administration in compliance with the Polish Labour Code

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Corporate financial reporting

Payroll processing

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