HLB M2 offers a wide range of advisory services addressed to enterprises and their owners, financial market entities and financial departments of companies from all industries. We are distinguished by an individual approach to each project, flexibility, and ability to adapt to the needs of our clients.

Business Valuations

Our experts specialize in the valuation of enterprises, capital companies (stocks and shares), organized parts of enterprises and other assets, including intangible assets, debt portfolios, and other financial instruments. We address these services to owners or the parts of equity transactions who want to know the value of their business and to investors to determine the value of the fund's assets in the financial statements.

We respond to the needs of our clients through appropriate recognition of the subject of valuation, matching, and application of an adequate method among market, income, property and other methods, and the final submission of a report on our work. A fairly prepared valuation allows one to recognize the company's potential and further manage its value by making accurate business decisions.

Impairment tests

We prepare and verify impairment tests. Together with our audit department, we conduct a valuation survey for the merger plan/transformation plan as well as the justification of business decisions.

Analysis of the legitimacy of business decisions

The effects of business restructuring or business decisions of strategic importance may require additional justification in the form of confirmation by an independent entity. In response to such needs of our clients, we prepare analyzes that allow justifying the rationality of business decisions before tax authorities, creditors or stakeholders. In analytical work, we use the knowledge and competences of HLB M2’s statutory auditors and tax advisors. We offer a wide range of analyzes and reports, including:

  • business strategy of the company,
  • financial analysis and strategic analysis of the company,
  • analysis of the investment project,
  • analysis of market conditions of transactions, including bond issue, sale of shares,
  • fairness opinion - analysis of financial terms of the transaction,
  • private investor test (TPI) for public sector entities.

Due Diligence

An essential element of the equity transaction process is due diligence - a multi-dimensional analysis of an entity's condition. At HLB M2, we support our clients in the process of due diligence that comprises three parts: financial, accounting and tax issues. The advisory department coordinates this process by cooperating with experts - statutory auditors and tax advisors, to obtain the widest possible picture of the analyzed company and at the same time provide high-quality advice to a potential buyer/seller. Our competences and efficient communication make us a valuable advisor in the equity transaction process.

Investigations and fraud prevention support


  • Conducting investigations based on identified red flags, received reports or raised suspicions (forensic analysis of big data, e-discovery, interviews).
  • Verification of reliability and truthfulness of issues raised by employees and external entities (including via anonymous reporting channel), along with recommendations regarding further steps.

Fraud prevention

  • Creation and support in the implementation of, among others, anti-fraud procedures, anti-corruption code.
  • Review of business processes, policies, and procedures to verify its effectiveness in minimizing the risk of fraud and corruption (including Sapin II, FCPA, UK Bribery Act).
  • Designing the hotline reporting channel (whistle-blower line), support in its implementation.
  • Support in ensuring compliance with regulations.

Disputes support

  • Preparation of opinions and analyses in court proceedings, arbitration proceedings, mediation.

Business Intelligence (OSINT)
• Support in key business decisions by verifying potential contractors, conflict of interest based on open-source information.

Other Advisory Services

Our competences and experience allow us to offer a wide range of other consultancy services such as:

  • consultancy in the field of enterprise value management,
  • advice on business continuity,
  • preparation and verification of business plans, including strategic and financial analysis,
  • preparation of financial forecasts and financial modeling, including the preparation of business plans,
  • evaluation of investment projects and business ventures,
  • strategic analysis,
  • financial analysis,
  • analysis of the market environment.

Our expertise

Due Diligence

Business Valuations


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