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We believe that knowledge and experience are the basis for providing services in line with the expectations of customers. However, only an individual approach and unconventional thinking guarantee effective solving of problems related to tax settlements. Our ambition is providing comprehensive support in all areas of the HLB M2 specialization.

Ongoing Tax Advisory

HLB M2's tax advisers support clients in all tax aspects of transactions as well as in the field of correct tax settlements. It includes solving current problems in the field of corporate income tax, indirect taxes (VAT, excise and customs duties) and personal income tax.

Tax Reviews and Audits

We provide verification of the correctness of tax settlements in order to identify and reduce or eliminate irregularities and potential tax risks. The tax review can be focused on the selected area of ​​the company’s operations, the settlement period or the category of economic events. The part of the audit is a recommendation on potential areas where tax burdens may be reduced.

Tax Due Diligence

We carry out tax due diligence aimed at identifying possible tax risks resulting from settlements of a target company, both at the request of the investor and seller (vendor due diligence).

Transfer Pricing Documentation 

The support in the field of transfer pricing documentation includes preparing and updating transfer pricing documentation, taxpayer support in the case of a tax audit / a fiscal control, training in the area of ​​transfer pricing, planning, reviews and other activities related to the transfer pricing policy.

International Taxes

The services we offer include in-depth reviews and analysis of transactions / of international structures in the following aspects: the correctness of the application of double taxation conventions, consequences of international transactions, analysis of transactions from the point of view of charging withholding tax in Poland and abroad and assistance in minimizing the withholding tax. Being a part of HLB International, we have the opportunity to provide transaction analysis also from the point of view of foreign tax regulations.

Tax Opinions

We provide analysis of issues from a selected area of ​​tax law or tax consequences of a transaction.

Tax Restructuring

Our support in that field may include advice, reviews or analysis in the areas of planned mergers or de-mergers, winding up a company, transformation of a company’s legal form, restructuring of a capital group.

Tax planning

The aim of this service is to minimize tax burdens under applicable tax law. Our work may include, among others: tax reviews to identify areas for optimization, creation of an optimal capital group structure from the tax point of view or development the most tax-effective structure for financing operations within a capital group.

Tax Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

Our clients can count on effective support at the stages of planning and running mergers and acquisitions projects, including due diligence, tax structuring of an entity or a group of companies, creating tax-optimal structures before a transaction or the effective use of tax losses.

Applications For Individual Tax Rulings

The support of our experts in this field includes the assistance in preparing applications for a written interpretation of the legal provisions to the Polish Minister of Finance, assistance in the use of appeals against the unfavorable interpretation of the Minister of Finance

Tax Proceedings

We offer support in the course of tax and fiscal control and in contacts with tax authorities and fiscal control authorities at all levels of pending proceedings, including proceedings before administrative courts.

Support in The Preparation of Tax Declarations (Tax Compliance)

Our clients can count on our help in the preparation of tax returns, assistance in the VAT registration process of foreign entities, support in fulfilling VAT obligations in Poland (VAT compliance), preparation of VAT returns, VAT-UE, Intrastat reports, Standard Audit File.

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