Audit & Assurance

Statutory audits of financial statements and other assurance services are the foundations on which we have built our company. Running over 200 audit projects per year, we have developed a work methodology in which the needs of clients operating in the complex business and legal environment are our priorities.

Our ambition is to create an added value of the financial statement audit service so that the audit process is not only a fulfillment of the statutory obligation, but above all a tool for assessing the effectiveness of management. This approach is appreciated by our clients.

Three HLB M2 subsidiaries: HLB M2 Ltd., HLB M2 Tax & Audit LP, and HLB M2 Audit PIE Ltd. are the audit companies meeting requirements set out in the Polish Accounting Act and the Act on Auditors.

Our experience in auditing, covering many industries and sectors, enables us to provide a full scope of audit and assurance services:

Statutory Audit and Assurance

The knowledge and experience of our experts allow us to offer a wide range of audit services and assurance services, including:

  • audit of financial statements
  • review of the financial statements
  • agreed-upon procedures
  • special purpose audits in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Commercial Companies (i.a. audit of the conversion plan, an audit of the merger plan, an audit of the division plan, an audit of the founders' report, an audit of the correctness of the valuation of non-cash contributions)
  • preparation of the financial part of the prospectus
  • validation of the calculation of the electricity consumption factor (GVA)
  • audit of grants spending
  • assessment of the risk management system in investment funds companies
  • due diligence (financial and tax)

Audit of Public Interest Entities

We have incorporated a separate entity within the HLB M2 group dedicated to providing assurance services to public interest entities, including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We provide:

  • audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with Polish GAAP, IAS / IFRS
  • reviews of financial statements prepared in accordance with Polish GAAP, IAS / IFRS

Internal Audit 

As an audit company, HLB M2 meets the criteria of an independent third-party service provider within the meaning of art. 275 of the Polish Public Finance Act. Acting as the internal auditor, we focus primarily on the effectiveness of the internal audit function, and not only on the compliance of the control procedures with the requirements of the law. We contribute to the more efficient functioning of local government units. Our involvement depends on the needs of a client and can be provided in the following forms:

  • assessment of the effectiveness of operations of an internal audit unit;
  • outsourcing of the internal audit functions to HLB M2.

Our expertise

Statutory Audits (Polish GAAP / IFRS)

Due Diligence

Audits of public interest entities


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