Marek Dobek

Managing Partner, Chartered Auditor

About Marek

Marek is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the Poznań University of Economics. He gained his professional experience in Grant Thornton where he worked first as an assistant and then as a senior and finally as a manager in the audit department. In years 2005-2007 he was a chief accountant in PROJPRZEM S.A. in Bydgoszcz - a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Marek is a funding partner of HLB M2. He specializes in auditing of financial market entities (brokerage houses, investment funds companies, closed-end investment funds, open-end investment funds) and public interest companies as well as in consulting on the consolidation of financial statements.

Areas of expertise

Auditing of financial market entites

Consolidation of financial statements

Audit of foreign subsidiaries



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